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knitting industry s innovation in everywhere

Author : knitting industry Date : 2013-7-14 21:23:19
Reporters recently visited Beijing market found, zara sweater radiating year is very broad, a knitted cardigan, short sleeve knit jacket, knit vest. h & m there is also a variety of knitted short sleeve, vest, also added a lot of printing and lace. Design has always been the main fight irregular clothing brand South commoner, broadcast, ancient Xi Yang, this year even with a thin shawl cardigan to replace summer paragraph small suit. In the women's area Muji, 4 hanging "new listing" sign has two display shelves full of knitted garments, knitted cardigan, V-neck sweaters, knitted shawl, knitted short sleeve ......

Season, Converse and Missoni joint design retro running shoes series 2013 officially on sale in Beijing, which has two shoes Missoni Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 men's conference debut. Entire shoe body with jagged stitching knitted fabrics, full of depth and visual impact. Reporters saw at the Missoni store, the price to 1,399 yuan.

This use of technology such as the needle yarn of various materials and species hook a coil, and then the sets of strings connected into the knitted fabric used in the clothing not only the above process, with good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and a more large scalability and flexibility soft knitted fabric can also morph into other components of life, it can be a teddy bear, a necklace, or even a piece of furniture, a fruit.

"As long as there is love, anything can be crocheted out of yarn." This is the British knit Artist Kate Jenkins (kate jenkins) of the "knitting philosophy."

British knitwear brand "cardigan" founder - Kate Jenkins is an extremely delicate and full of humor knitting artist. Accustomed to the performance of their works, "food" series, such as "fish and chips" and "sardines", which was originally just for promotion "cardigan" trademark, did not think the work itself was a big success, so that more people familiar with the knitting artists, and share her artistic vision and sense of humor.

Kate Jenkins since 2003 founded his own knitting brand "cardigan", the primary focus on weaving, embroidery, crochet decoration category, successfully held several solo exhibitions. The exhibition is full of crocheted fabrics on display: crocheted bottle of champagne, strawberries lovely decor, brightly-colored fish, shrimp and cocktail mix, all kinds of sushi, fresh fruit platter and provoke the wasps and shimmering fish and so on.

Each a little work, it all comes from Kate stitch handmade using 100% lambs wool crocheted and sequins and other accessories presented. Most people gasp in admiration is seemingly difficult to knit the performance of small items, in Kate opinion, just find the right type of yarn and accessories, anything can be woven. Wig also "knitting control" are woven out of fashion creativity. By the London-based artist Louise Walker design inspired by the works of all from the famous and classic hairstyle. This braided wig can keep your head warm, but also makes pocketed keep returning.

Irish textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien has created a whole new series of hand-woven wool furniture. Design was inspired by a traditional small village in Ireland: past fishing and weaving are the main forms of labor throughout the village, weaving patterns of these works is based on elements derived from living there, supplemented by contemporary craft language to produce complete. These furniture with a unique weaving techniques and discuss the scale of the furniture production process, the final design of a series of such stools, ottomans and chairs so form simple furniture. Each piece is handmade by a group of skilled production workers, which not only ensure that the products of local characteristics, but also the continuation of the traditional Irish cottage industry. Furniture, all with English wool production in which such coir fibers, non-woven wool and duck down these natural materials are also used to make upholstery, polyester filler and foam substitute this more common artificial materials.

Creative people jacobsen (Jacobson) studied at Kingston University Photography Department, his photographs is very unique, he abandoned the traditional photography techniques, yet in photography which combines knitting. His photographic works completed or in some fashion magazine cover again add some knitting techniques, the character's skin, hair replaced with needle and thread, woven out of such a synthetic Photographs do not have style. There Belgian designer knitted newspaper, a full 18 pages, including text and images, are in fact a sheet of knitted blanket.