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How to drive out of the new channel

Author : Date : 2019-5-13 13:16:15
 How to drive out of the new channel
"This is my second visit to puyuan, and I have signed a contract with a local enterprise." Just over two months, many years engaged in fashion design, and own their own clothing brand "JARRET" Korean designer li zhiyan, then finalized the intention to cooperate with a women's clothing enterprises in pu yuan.
It is the IFDC international fashion design and research center of puyuan 320 creative plaza that connects li zhiyan and puyuan enterprises. In just 4 months, the number of domestic and foreign cooperative designers has reached 56, focusing on providing design consulting services for puyuan apparel enterprises.
Fashion industry is one of the eight trillion industries listed in the province's economic development. As one of the first batch of state-level and provincial-level characteristic towns, the town not only promotes the development of sweater industry  Knitwear Factory China towards specialization and fashion, but also tries to cooperate with professionals in the international fashion industry to enter the international market.
In the process of exploring internationalization, talents are the most important. Among them, we have to put forward the unique service of "babysitter", "supervisor" and "broker".
"IFDC international fashion clothing design and research center has designer resources, but new to the puyuan enterprise is not familiar. Puyuan enterprises have design consulting needs, but I do not know where to find quality designers. In the view of qian weiguo, deputy director of puyuan wool sweater market management committee, it is the duty of the government as the connecting point between the two sides to make a good "broker" to promote the cooperation between the two sides.
Just a few days ago, qian weiguo visited the market and was stopped by a woman who owns a menswear brand. "director qian, we have a big demand for our design this year, but the designer doesn't know where to find it." Qian weiguo on the spot to IFDC international fashion fashion design research and development center head panyihong. Before long, the good news that both sides signs a contract came.
In addition to inviting high-end talents into puyuan, puyuan also actively reached cooperation with coventry university, Korea fashion association, Beijing institute of fashion technology and other institutions of higher learning on talent introduction and education.
At present, the town has introduced 7 start-up teams, 63 creative design agencies, 20 south Korean designer teams, and 328 entrepreneurs of the town's new fourth army.
The internationalization of fashionable industry develops, how should next pace stride? Su weiming, the party secretary of puyuan town, says that from "borrowing a ship to go to sea" to "sailing with the same ship", puyuan changes the pattern of time and space with a sweater. As long as pu yuan can stand in the center of the world's fashion industry and become an important presence in the industry, it is also international in a sense.
This is not from the international wool textile organization plenary conference came good news, in 2020 the 89th international wool conference will be held in puyuan. Puyuan person, again confidently smiled.