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Jiaxing sweater from traditional manufacturing to fashion wisdom

Author : Date : 2019-5-13 13:21:32
 From warmth to fashion, from label to brand creation, from one original to thousands of families of the public innovation...... Honghe town in xiuzhou district of jiaxing city, zhejiang province sweater industry after forty years of development, sweater, has been expanding its total radiation driven, has jiaxing sweater city, hong Martin creating sweater product market, market, and other professional market, industrial cluster effect is obvious, the whole town of sweater annual turnover of more than 150 one hundred million yuan.
Now, honghe sweater industry is gathering together, writing the legend of honghe sweater industry's transformation from traditional manufacturing to smart fashion manufacturing.
Means of
The 8th China (honghe) sweater culture festival and golden autumn sweater purchase festival of "chaoqi honghe · zhizao fashion" was recently launched in honghe sweater boutique market. It is learned that during this sweater culture festival, there are also activities related to "wisdom huihong · mass innovation", "big data of sweater industry and intelligent manufacturing theme BBS," trendy surge "-- the first China (honghe) sweater design competition in 2018, and" golden autumn sweater purchase festival ".
Li chenyuan, deputy head of xiuzhou district government of jiaxing city, said in his speech that sweater industry is the traditional advantageous industry, pillar industry and rich people industry of xiuzhou district, and has been playing a decisive role in the economic development of xiuzhou. In recent years, xiuzhou district has vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of sweater industry by centering on the goal of building a high-quality manufacturing powerhouse. Honghe town, as the town with the most obvious industrial characteristics in xiuzhou district, enjoys a certain popularity both at home and abroad in sweater industry and sweater market.
The reporter of China economic times learned from the opening ceremony that the "sweater club" Internet platform of hong hezhong creating sweater boutique market has signed a technical service cooperation agreement with the industrial Internet research center of the Yangtze river delta research institute of tsinghua university in zhejiang province.
Ge xinhong, deputy director of the industrial Internet research center of the Yangtze river delta research institute at tsinghua university in zhejiang province, said that e-commerce platforms alone are not enough for honghe sweater to completely change its "small and scattered" development model. The industrial Internet research center of tsinghua Yangtze river delta research institute will provide "customized" services according to the actual situation of honghe and provide more sharing services for practitioners in different stages of platform development, so as to promote industrial interconnection, supply chain integration and intelligent manufacturing, create a new industrial ecology of honghe and drive the overall industrial transformation and upgrading.
At the same time, zhejiang province service manufacturing demonstration platform -- sweater industry S2B industry Internet collaboration platform was unveiled in hong he zhong chuang sweater boutique market. It is said that in the future, as long as the enterprises included in the platform, creative design, consumer demand, logistics services, e-commerce marketing programs can be Shared.
It is learned that the online B2B platform "sweater exchange" established by honghe fine sweater market connects with the manufacturing enterprises, and then the secondary market purchasers and small and micro makers. In the past year, it has entered more than 2,200 sweater production and operation enterprises. At present, honghe town has more than 280 companies (enterprises) engaged in sweater trading on Tmall, jingdong, taobao and other third-party e-commerce trading platforms, and over 3,000 individual taobao businesses. In 2017, the total transaction volume of e-commerce was nearly 3 billion yuan, and the e-commerce of honghe sweater has emerged as a new force.
This year, zhejiang province strives to promote the no.1 project of "digital economy", and honghe "jianhui" Internet platform is included in the first "1+N" industrial Internet platform alliance of the province, which is jointly participated by aliyun, zhongkong and zhijiang laboratory. At the same time, zhejiang economic and information technology commission as the second batch of provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration platform.
In the future, honghe town will be committed to promoting the connection and supply chain control of "sweater pool" platform and the upstream and downstream of the industrial park, and organically combining original design, raw material supply, intelligent production, online sales, intelligent logistics, etc., to realize flexible customization and mass production of sweaters.
Li jincai, deputy secretary general of China textile industry federation, said in his speech that honghe is a famous sweater town in China. Relying on one household and thousands of households, honghe has formed a huge industrial scale, made its own model and brand, and occupies a very important position in the international market. In recent years, honghe has always been committed to the transformation and upgrading of the traditional sweater industry, integrating the sweater industry with the Internet economy, and taking mass entrepreneurship and innovation as a powerful engine to improve the quality and efficiency of honghe economy. Sweater culture festival is an important platform to promote the development of regional brands and enhance the comprehensive industrial capacity. He hopes that honghe sweater industry can always take innovation and development as the first driving force, and take the initiative to embrace change and create a new future in the changing market environment.
Jiaxing the creating sweater product market investment company chairman Yao Mingliang tells a reporter, since officially opened the creating sweater product market, has gradually developed into honghe sweater transformation and upgrading of the standard market, adhere to the "Internet +", industry big data applications, to boost the traditional sweater of collaborative manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, continuous innovation to upgrade model, get the market differentiation positioning, to improve the ability to lead, service the market. Through this activity, the friendship and cooperation between manufacturers and merchants in various professional markets can be better enhanced, and the "sweater pool" industrial Internet platform, which gathers a large number of excellent designers, can better serve the transformation and upgrading of the sweater industry in China and achieve win-win results for all.
The reporter learned in the interview that, with the continuous progress of "One Belt And One Road" construction, honghe sweater is actively exploring emerging markets represented by Russia and central and eastern Europe. On the one hand, honghe sweater is improving its export brand; on the other hand, it is also actively seeking to lay out production capacity in countries along "One Belt And One Road" to accelerate the process of industrial internationalization. Through traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce channels, honghe sweaters are exported to more than 50 countries and regions including the United States, Russia and South Africa. This year, honghe town gathers seven major sweater professional markets, including jiaxing sweater city, danhong market, joint marketing center and zhongchuang sweater boutique market. Centering on the purpose of "leading, promoting, uniting and win-win", honghe town establishes honghe sweater (clothing) professional market development alliance to jointly create regional brands.