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Jiaxing Puyuan woolen sweater market

Author : Date : 2019-5-13 13:11:35
  Pu yuan woolen sweater market was founded in 1988. With the continuous increase of the trading volume of woolen sweaters and raw and auxiliary materials, the town government has planned the functional layout of the market. After several times of reconstruction and expansion, ten woolen sweater trading areas have been formed, including one woolen yarn raw material market, one woolen yarn market, one auxiliary material market, one garment city, one freight center and one unloading center. It has established eight government public service innovation platforms, including logistics distribution, inspection and testing, scientific and technological research and development, foreign trade services, talent training, culture and media, e-commerce, efficient service and policy support. In 2010, the central business district, covering an area of 350,000 square meters, was built up, marking the development of sweater market to a higher goal of modern commercial city.
Entering the market of puyuan woolen sweater, there are nearly ten thousand kinds of woolen sweater and woolen sweater, all kinds of inner and outer trousers and skirts of different types, all kinds of grades, all kinds of styles, all kinds of new styles, all kinds of colors, too many things to see. During the peak season every year, the average daily passenger flow reaches more than 30,000 person-times. The sweater market is not only the window of manufacturers, the world of merchants and the paradise of consumers, but also has become the national center of woolen sweater style, information and price, leading the trend of domestic woolen sweater.
China sweater pu yuan, pu yuan sweater sales world. It is the largest woolen sweater distribution center in China and millions of woolen sweaters are exported to China and other parts of the world every day, attracting businessmen from America, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions. Pu yuan woolen sweater market has become one of the most influential professional markets in China, and thus becomes the international famous brand sweater fair!