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knit sweater manufacturers in china - Midi Fashion

Author : knit sweater manufacturers Date : 2019-6-30 10:27:18
Zhejiang Midi Fashion Co., Ltd. knit sweater manufacturers in China. knitting factory is located in the largest sweater production base in China - PuYuan and HongHe Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. We manufacture all kinds of knitwear (knitted dress,knitted pullover,knitted cardigan,knitted coat,print sweater,jacquard ,embroidery sweater ) for Women,men,kids with knit cardigan Women's knitted Cashmere knit sweater manufacturers in china Sweater Manufacturer | midifashion Knitting factory  china cotton,wool,mohair,acrylic,nylon,spandex,viscose, rayon,cashmere.any materials according to customers' demands. All knitwears are manufactured with advanced knitting machine and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality.