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STOLL China 2013 Roadshow

Author : midi fashion Date : 2013-5-23 12:38:02

Three roadshows were STOLL attracted many customers to participate in different regions. Launched a new STOLL CMS ADF-3 models around roadshow will undoubtedly become one of the highlights: the configuration of the innovative yarn technology, so that one type of yarn to achieve all weave pattern (normal, intarsia, Tim yarn, lining latitude) become possible; CMS ADF-3 new models in the field of intarsia knitting yarn with Tim also created an unprecedented era. 

         Roadshow to carry out multi-professional seminars to explain the scene with STOLL knitting machine knitting pattern to make customers more intuitive understanding STOLL machine's excellent performance. Each machine next exhibition are equipped with professional technical support staff and display of flowers in a row models, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for weaving.

        STOLL, located in Reutlingen, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machine. Founded in 1873, has a long history, the current global employee over a thousand people. In addition to manufacturing computerized flat knitting machine, STOLL offers flower software solutions are widely used to create stylish pattern, technical and medical applications. STOLL product manufacturing in Germany, exporting over 70 countries worldwide. Through subsidiaries, sales and service centers and distributors, the company provide customers with comprehensive services. Rich in technological innovation STOLL popular highlights will open one new knitting trend.