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Muslim fashion show will be held in Moscow Russia

Author : Muslim fashion show Date : 2013-5-28 17:31:27

According to reports, the festival fashion show designed to attract the attention of the public on Islamic culture.Festival organizers said: "One of the purposes of this festival is to change the public image of the consistent view of Muslim women, including Muslims and non-Muslims, while Muslim dress culture also spread to a correct understanding of Muslims in Russia Muslim style will flourish. "

Another object of the festival is to hope to promote the development of Russia's Muslim garment manufacturing industry. Reported that the fashion show will also have come from various regions of Russia, Muslim style designers to participate, at which time they will bring their own design work.

Report also mentioned that there are already many talented designers involved in the creation of a unique Muslim style, and some world famous clothing brands also own clothing design into the Muslim elements. The near future, people will pay more attention to religion and culture in the fashion element, and its integration into the world in the development of fashion trends go.