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AQSIQ: Parents try to give their children to buy light-colored clothes

Author : AQSIQ Date : 2013-5-28 17:39:54

AQSIQ yesterday Joint China Children's Center organized a "guardian of children from harm - Children's Products Safety Line" theme activities, AQSIQ defective product management center at the event issued a "children's Consumer Guide," suggests that parents should try to children to buy light-colored, non-fluorescent brighteners or without pigment printing children's clothing.

"Kids Consumer Guide" and suggested that parents try to shopping malls and other places to buy children's clothing formal business. To guard against chemical pollution, should try to buy light-colored, non-fluorescent brighteners or without pigment printing children's clothing, try not to buy after the anti-wrinkle treatment, or pungent odor especially strong children's clothing. Purchase should see product identification is complete, both inside and outside to identify the content is consistent, with particular attention to product safety classes, buy infant clothing should also pay particular attention to whether there is "baby products" and "Do not dry clean" words. New clothes to be washed and then give the child to wear.

"Kids Consumer Guide" also remind parents to pay special attention to children's clothes on the rope and pull the belt. Try not to buy children under 14 years collar hat with rope, or back with drawstrings extending children's clothing, or the rope (leash) completely remove and then give the child to wear. Try not to buy children below the age of 7 beyond the garment bottom edge of the waist rope or rope beyond the bottom edge of the children's clothing trousers, or to cut and then give the child to wear. Waist drawstring on children's clothing, it should be fixed to the middle part sewn on clothes.