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Garment workers finish striking in South Africa

Author : Garment Date : 2013-5-28 17:38:27

On Wednesday, 10,000 textile workers in South Africa, ending a two-day strike, the strike for those who continue to pay workers less than the minimum wage set by the government warned business owners.

South African clothing and textile workers union (SACTWU) in a statement said: "We just hope that this is for those who do not comply with the law, to continue to provide our members below the minimum wage of entrepreneurs to make a warning."

Clothing and Textile Workers Union of South Africa said that some entrepreneurs to pay workers wages far below the government to allow the weekly $ 43.74 minimum wage. Entrepreneurs Association requires immediate implementation of the minimum wage standards.

South Africa's textile sector is relatively small, textile companies mainly in the Western Cape Province and the Eastern Cross Zulu - Natal.

The mining sector and the public service sector is usually the worst affected.