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China remains the world's textile production base

Author : China textile production base Date : 2013-5-28 17:36:02

Although production costs continue to rise, the global garment and textile buyers will order from China to other Asian countries, but some of the global apparel and textile brands are still pouring in from China sourcing most of their clothing needs.

"Since September 2009 has been operating in China, Uniqlo clothing is about 70 percent of production in China," UNIQLO (Uniqlo) spokesman told the Indian media said.

When asked about the company and other South Asian countries in economic and trade relations, he said, "For the UNIQLO (Uniqlo), the Asian region will continue to be an important market and we have in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand to open stores. "According to Hema retail (an international retail organization) spokesman said that China is an important market for outsourcing apparel.

Wuxi days embroidered textiles (China a leading textile manufacturer) Foreign official Xu Dong Ming said: "The Chinese textile industry is a major international buyers supply channels, because Chinese industry with advanced technology, high efficiency, A can provide a comprehensive sourcing and professional services. "

When asked about the textile and garment industry is facing major challenges, he said: "China's textile and garment industry is facing major challenges is to increase the cost of production, textile and garment manufacturers should reduce dependence on labor."