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Chanel acquired Barrie Knitwear

Author : midi fashion Date : 2013-5-23 12:12:57

Chanel brand on Tuesday announced the successful acquisition of Scottish cashmere specialized in producing brand Barrie Knitwear, the brand has been producing iconic Chanel brand sweater. Chanel Brand President Bruno Pavlovsky said: "We acquired the brand's purpose is to pass down this technology. Knitted garments Chanel brand sales accounted for 30% of the total installed into, is the brand has been committed to the development of an important part."

Barrie Knitwear production located in the Scottish Borders, where good at producing cashmere material, the brand was founded in the 18th century, currently has 176 employees, its a brand Barrie, Glenmac, John Laing, Kinross, etc., but also for the production of high-end luxury brand Hermes and other apparel. Barrie Knitwear has for Chanel brand supplier of apparel for over 25 years, and its expertise has been recognized by the Chanel brand.

After the acquisition, Jim Carrie continue to serve as the brand's operations director, Clive Brown served as Director of Sales.