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Button s application in knitted sweater design

Author : Button s application in knitted sweater design Date : 2013-7-14 21:38:59
The sweater is concerned, because knitted fabric itself has decoherence, stretching and other special attributes, decided it should not be used complicated and tedious cut dividing line Ji sutures. Based on these characteristics, in order to eliminate the monotony of knitwear modeling sensation, usually some additional means to be compensated for decoration, such as, embroidery, subsidies, buttons, knots and more. Chic buttons, knitted sweaters can not only connect to tight insulation, but also makes the instrument neat embellishment effect on sweaters, clothing an indispensable part of the structure. As a means of apparel decoration, in addition to practical functions, also play a finishing touch of clothing design decorative effect.

knitted sweater

Decorative buttons on the knitted sweater design application, the main emphasis of its decorative and artistic, decorative craft as an important means of clothing, one of the sweaters in the use of decorative design should follow certain design principles. Through the Ordos, Zara, E&P and other famous brands of sweaters market research, analysis decorative buttons come in brand design knitted sweater design is widely used, especially women's design, and focused on the design point collar sweater, shoulders, chest and cuffs.

knitted sweater

During sweaters button design, emphasizing the proportion of modeling proper use, fully integrated costumes point, line, surface modeling elements to capture the overall design concept. Reasonable sweater button layout of the protruding part can be decorative, but also contribute to better overall results show knitted sweater beauty.