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China Sweater Factory | MidiFashion

Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory

Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory
Product name : Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory Item : MD-678169

Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory china | MidiFashion

We can start with our Sample or your original Sweater Sample you send us.

If you want to know more about our Price-List and more Ladies styles of Knitwears & Sweaters, PLS contact us at

We can work with you to take your concept and help bring it to full realization. With our design and sample capability we can refine your ideas, build the whole knitwear programming and provide sample that will get you into bulk production quicker.

Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory china  Service

a.  Fast Samples development, Free Samples Supply, Newest Fashion Sweater trends, On time delivery!
b.  Free professional design, Rich variety of over 10000+ ladies sweater styles, Much more than we can list on website.
c.  Capable of 1.5-18gg knit sweater production for Pullover, Dress, Cardigan, Skirt, Poncho, Coat, Pants etc.
d.  Focused on using the top yarns of Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Cotton, Viscose, blend yarn, special fancy yarn, etc.
e.  Specialized in technique of Intarsia, Jacquard, Print ,Hand & Computer Embroidery, Crochet, Sequins, Beading, Rhinestone etc and all sorts of knitting stitch.
f.   Equipped with knitting machine of "Stoll" Germany,"Shima-Seiki" Japan,and "Ci-Xing" China. 
g.  Mainly for north American and Europe market, work with many customers & brands,such as ZARA,GUESS. 
h.  Manage the top China sweater factory with rich OEM & ODM experience in knitwear industry.
Sweaters manufacturer poncho factory  china, sweater factory China manufacturer from Zhejiang Midi Fashion Co., Ltd.
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